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Finally, after years of suffering personally from arthritis and jointpain I discovered this NATURAL, QUICK and EASY way to relieve my suffering and what?s more amazing is that this one little "SECRET" is used by our age old ancestors for over 500 years to cure and heal their joints naturally before medicine became available to common man       

Now finally, doctors and scientists are raving about this "Outback" miracle product as the most amazing breakthrough for arthritis and joint pains

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Dear Joint & Muscle Pain Sufferer, Enough, is enough!

With this miracle product you can put an end to

"Takes The Pain Away In Minutes!"

"I am 93 years old and have been suffering with arthritis in my hands, elbows and knees for years. My son-in-law came across your product Freederm AC. I love it. It takes away the pain in minutes and it gets absorbed into the skin quickly without any odor. I have told others in my nursing home about your fantastic product. Thank you so much!"

-- Ethel Layer

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  • Osteoarthritis

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Bursitis Sports Injuries

  • Shoulder, Neck and Knee Pain

  • Back and Hip Pain

  • Wrist, Elbow and Ankle Pain

  • Hand Arthritis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Spondylosis

  • Osgood Schlatters Disease

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

If any of the above things is troubling you then this may be the most important message you ever read

Here's why: Because as you read every word of this web page, you'll begin to discover a little known medical fact that our ancestors have known for centuries.

our ancestors know something we don't yet. What's that? How to end the dreadful effects of muscle and joint pain. And what's so amazing is that ...

                  Secret Ingredient 1 - Our Ancestors Have Been Using Emu Oil As A Valued Medicine For Over 500 Years!

Here's what this is all about:

As you may already know modern scientific studies from around the world confirm Emu oil naturally contains high levels of linolenic acid (a substance known to ease muscle aches and joint pain including arthritis)... and... oleic acid which provides a local anti-inflammatory effect.

According to Dr. Margaret C. Craig-Schmidt, an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Auburn University, she found the following ...

"I learned that this oleic fatty acid is a known enhancer of transport of bio-active compounds in the skin. In other words, the high presence of oleic acid in the emu oil may be one of the reasons that it is able to penetrate the skin to a large degree and at the same time be able to carry active compounds through the skin where they can have an effect on the body."

In addition to that, pharmacist and oil researcher Allen Strickland of Alabama discovered the penetrating effect of emu oil may be related to its non-phosphorous composition.

Strickland says since our skin contains no phosphorous it's "programmed" to keep phosphorous from penetrating. However, emu oil contains no phosphorous so...

Why Emu oil works for you

It Penetrates Right Through!

"I Can Do All The Things I Used To Do...Without Pain"

"My doctors have been telling me for years that the only way to stop the terrible pain in my knee was to have surgery. I was so glad to discover Freederm AC. Now I put a little on my knee each day and I can do all the things I used to do. And without the pain."

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This may be the very reason why almost all pain relief applications don't work. They simply do not penetrate the skin deep enough to reach the effected area.

But Emu oil does!

In "Emu Oil: A Clinical Appraisal of this Natural and Long Used Product," Dr. G.R. Hobday reviewed the following results of a 10-year study involving 500 patients who used emu oil. He discovered these 500 patients experienced...

No Allergic Reaction Reported
To The Use Of Emu Oil ...

Better still,
Emu oil's major actions include:

  • It's anti-inflammatory properties

  • It's ability to penetrate the skin... and...

  • It's ability to provide some solar protection

... and Dr. Hobday's 10-year clinical study of emu oil showed that it can be used effectively to:

  1. Reduce pain, swelling and stiffness most evident where the joint is close to the skin surface: hands, feet, knees, elbows.

  2. And... to relieve recent bruising and muscle pain where injury is relatively superficial such as sports related muscle strains.

His findings have been a breakthrough in the medical field. But there's still just one problem...

Emu Oil Is Not The Only Thing Needed
To Relieve Joint Pain For The Long Term!

You're intelligent enough to know that just Emu Oil won't solve your joint pain alone. You also must combine other natural products including Glucosamine and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to have any lasting relief from pain.

These ingredients?when properly combined?also help with pain and inflammation... but more importantly... they lubricate the joints in your body and rebuild damaged cartilage.

What's interesting is glucosamine is made from the shells of shellfish and refined corn?who would have ever thought? It stimulates cartilage cells and synthesizes glucosaminoglycans and proteoglycans -- chemicals that help to repair and rebuild worn-out joints.

These ingredients also permit cartilage to flex and absorb physical shock while -- at the same time -- suppressing destructive chondrocytes from breaking down cartilage.

In fact, for 20 years Glucosamine has been clinically proven to provide these main benefits:

  • Slows progression of osteoarthritis

  • Eases osteoarthritis and joint pain

  • Rejuvenates synovial fluid

  • Promotes healthy and flexible joints

  • Helps body to heal itself

  • Lubricates joints

  • And continually bathes joints in a healthy protective fluid that builds essential glucosaminoglycans and proteoglycans

Secret Ingredient 2 - MSM Is One Of The Latest
Health Breakthroughs!

Remember from high school that MSM is a natural sulfur compound found in all living things. Actually, it's the third most prominent compound in our bodies behind water and sodium.

"Soothes It Down In 5 Minutes"

"Thank you for the Freederm AC cream and joint  supplements. They really work. I have terrible nerve pain and it soothes it down in about 5 minutes."

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Basically, MSM is an essential dietary sulfur almost overlooked by scientists but was isolated by Robert Hershler and Dr. Stanley Jacob of the University of Oregon Medical School.

Unlike the bad sulfurs (e.g., sulfa, sulfate, sulfite and sulfide) the sulfur in MSM, called sulfonyl, is as safe and as important in your diet as Vitamin C.

Your body needs this nutritional element because it:

  • Makes cell walls permeable

  • Allows water and nutrients to flow freely into cells

  • Allows water and toxins to properly flush out

  • Works with Vitamin C to build healthy new cells

  • Stimulates growth of healthy skin, hair and nails

  • Provides a flexible bond between cells

Ultimately, MSM ensures healthy connective tissue... healthy joint function... proper enzyme activity and hormone balance... proper function of the immune system... and... increases athletic stamina and elimination of muscle soreness.

Finally, I Found The Answer
I So Desperately Sought!

Clinical Facts
About Emu Oil

Non-pore-clogging substance... reduces inflammation in joints... penetrates skin due to its non-phosphorous composition... proven treatment for muscle aches and pains.


Maintains integrity of joints... inhibits cartilage destroying enzymes... repairs and rebuilds worn joints and cartilage... increases joint flexibility.


Essential dietary element... prime source of bio-available sulfur... improves health problems such as arthritis and circulation... helps build healthy new cells.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Proven anti-inflammatory... more effective than non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID's)... protects cartilage from premature degeneration... works with glucosamine to stimulate cartilage production.

Collagen Type II

Powerful anti-inflammatory, rebuilds cartilage in arthritic joints, 60% of cartilage is Collage Type II, reduces cholesterol in blood, cardio-protective agent, lowers risk of heart attacks.

Vitamin E

Biological anti-oxidant, protects cells against free radical damage, may help prevent onset of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Vitamin C

Necessary for manufacture of collagen, water soluble antioxidant, protects body against oxidative damage, neutralizes harmful reactions in blood and fluid inside and surrounding cells, protects the heart and other tissues.

Imagine how shocked I was when I learned about this. If only I could have gotten this for grandma?God rest her soul?her pain would have been eased as she aged. This is what did it for me?this discovery changed my life...and my life's focus.

After discovering this naturally healing oil?with the breakthrough mixture of Glucosamine... and MSM... mixed with other medicinal and natural ingredients I decided right then and there to make this my life's mission.

I wanted to create the type of products that could have helped relieve grandma's pain... and others just like her!

Since I am not a doctor, I knew this would be difficult. So I contacted an FDA-licensed manufacturer here in the USA.

I was able to broker a deal with their on-staff herbal doctor, who has over a quarter of a century of experience. We got together, rolled up our sleeves and came up with a brand new proprietary cream, supplement and bath product that...

Alleviates Aches And
Pains Within 15 Minutes!

I decided nothing would stop me from helping thousands of people (and perhaps tens of thousands) around the world.

It wasn't an easy road to travel?especially because I didn't have a scientific background. But I wouldn't let my lack of knowledge deter me from helping thousands eliminate joint and muscle pain from their life. And then it happened...

After a year of hard work we finally developed an all-natural secret formula... and... my dream is now a reality.

To me, calling it a miracle isn't an exaggeration. Thousands now have their pain completely under control. And so can you.

Look: If you or someone you know has arthritis or joint pain...

Now It?s your turn to relieve the pain

I URGE You To Try My
New Freederm Pain Relief
Product Line

  • Don?t you want to get back your young life?

  • Don?t you want to take those long walks with your loved ones?

  • Do you like doing chores around the house without crippling pain?

  • Don?t you want to play that loving sport that enjoyed as a kid?

  • Don?t you like those muscle aches and toe pain disappear?

  • Don?t you like to play with your grandchildren with no fear of soreness when you're done?

And the best part is:

This cream has NO ODOR and is quickly absorbed into the skin to provide almost instant relief to muscles and joints.

Relief you deserve!

Haven't you lived in pain long enough?

You don't have to put up with it anymore. Try this new product today. If it does for you what it's done for my grandmother (and countless others using it so far)...

Soon You'll Call It
Your New "Miracle"!

"The Pain Went Away Almost Instantly"

"A friend of mine at school recommended your product for the pain in my knees after finding it on the Internet. I was very skeptical until I used it after a volleyball match. The pain went away almost instantly as your website stated and it has no odor which I love. Thanks for allowing me to play my favorite sport as much as I want."

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Simply because Freederm AC cream completely banishes pain and allows you to take back control of your life again.

Now you can start enjoying the things you love to do within 15 minutes of application.

It's simple?it's easy?It will change your life!

Besides the cream, I also developed Freederm Joint Support Supplements specially formulated to help maintain strong and healthy joint function.

Joint Support formula features a balanced approach of world-renowned Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCL) and Chondroitin Sulfate with a blend of complementary herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to...

Soothe Aching
Joints And Muscles!

If you suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain due to: arthritis, aging, sports injuries, work related injuries, car accident or any other reason...

You have to at least try this product... and you can do so RISK-FREE.

Here's the deal:

Because Freederm AC cream is so incredibly effective... and... because it is natural and so safe... it is being sold with the most amazing guarantee in the world.

Check this out: Take the product as directed. Then, just wait a few short minutes and...

You Will Be Totally
Thrilled With The Safe, Rapid
And Dramatic Pain Relief!

However, if you've been disappointed with other arthritis or joint pain treatments before... just like my grandmother was... I understand you might be a little skeptical.

But I feel so strongly about having you try this new product for yourself...

I'm willing to take all the risk.

Order Freederm AC cream, try it and find out how it works for you. I believe it will be the best treatment you've ever tried for your arthritis or joint pain.

If you are not totally satisfied, simply return the unused portion and I will immediately refund your money. No questions asked. And, to make sure you know how serious I am about this:

I will offer you a ...

Complete, No Risk,
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose except the pain that has been hampering you for so long. Freederm products are scientifically developed and they work fast. Either it works or you don't pay a cent!

Try it for yourself RISK-FREE.

Here's how to order via our 100% Secure Payment Processor:

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You're In The Valley Of Decision ?
What You Do Now Will Affect Your Future

You've invested a few minutes with me. Little by little you began to see just how powerful this breakthrough in joint pain relief actually is. Perhaps you even dared?dared to imagine what it would be like to live pain free?even just for a minute.

Well, you don't have to live in your imagination. It's real... it's already helped thousands... and it can help you too.

Can you recall what a day without joint and muscle pain feels like?

Imagine what it would be like if you experienced just one day with no pain. What would that be worth to you? Well now you can. In fact it's just not limited to one day?it can be a lifetime if you so desire.

Here's Where You Stand?
At A Fork In The Road

You only have two options in front of you. You've reached a fork in the road.

One road is familiar?it's the one you take to leave this website. You know what it's like. You wake up with pain... your daily activity is full of grinding bones at your joints, causing excruciating pain... and you lay down the same.

The other road is less traveled by you. You've never taken it before. It's the road to ordering a trial of this breakthrough pain-relief cream. It's the road leading you to a brighter day?a day where a simple rub from a fingertip of cream eliminates your pain for hours?hours!

You have nothing to lose. Your decision won't cost you a thing. Why? Because if you ever think it was a bad one, you just return the unused portion of this cream and you get your money back.

What have you got to lose? Nothing. But you have a day full of activity pain-free to gain.

Take the unfamiliar path?you deserve it.


Arcangelo Capozzolo

PS. Should you have any questions about anything I may not have explained please email me. We want to hear about your concerns, personal experience or if you just want a supportive ear. We know how frustrating and awful joint pain can be. Let me know how we can help.

Email me at

PPS. Give Freederm AC cream a try for yourself. After all, that's what really counts. And... if you don't feel it's the best pain relief treatment you've ever used... I'll buy it back from you. No questions asked.

By the way, you can also order by calling (716) 204-0246 anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Order NOW!

Or make checks payable to:

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